Concept-Pro-Safety represents a conceptual and professional approach to occupational safety and health. Many years of practical experience bundled within Concept-Pro-Safety is the basis for consulting and supporting companies in a wide range of industries.

Occupational safety and health, safety culture and sustainability - their continuous improvement is the driving force of Concept-Pro-Safety.

During the consulting and support of companies, competencies are imparted to enable the organization itself to conceptually and professionally improve the company via a strong, VALUABLE occupational safety and health.



Step by step, a concept is developed that places people in the center of improving safety culture and preventing work-related accidents. The safety organization, managers, supervisors and employees are addressed in an equal manner.


The organization is further developed with professional support. Within the framework of action planning, the right measures are developed for the right time in the right sequence.


With Concept-Pro-Safety, competencies in the organization are strengthened. A significant improvement of safety culture, of occupational safety and health as well as a significant reduction of accidents are possible.


Cultural model as the basis for a sustainable development in occupational safety and health

The Pro-Safety-Culture-House shows all what is needed to sustainably implement a VALUE- appreciating, VALUE-full and EQUAL-VALUE safety culture in a corporation. For a robust and sustainable safety culture in the corporation, all components of the Pro-Safety-Culture- House must be built-up and strengthened.

Concept-Pro-Safety's support service is divided into individual service packages, which are all based on the Pro-Safety-Culture-House.