Workshop with Business Game for Occupational Safety

Making mistakes in the game and learning from them in order to avoid those in practice: That is the aim of the occupational safety business game for managers, safety experts and safety officers! In the business game, participants learn about the entire complexity of occupational safety, how to apply measures in a targeted manner, how to defend against all kinds of incidents and how to promote the development of a safety culture.

„The business game is incredibly exciting, instructive, entertaining and a new approach to rethinking or experiencing occupational health and safety...“

Georg Hoffmann, Health & Safety and Sustainability, Ritter-Sport

Pro-Safety Game

Schedule (full day, 2 half days or online 3x3 hours)

  • Introduction and organizational Matters
  • Optional: Consequences of Accidents and/or occupational Safety in the last 7 Days at Work
  • Optional: Motivation for appreciative occupational Safety
  • Safety Business Game - Basic Concept
  • Safety Business Game - Year 1
  • Optional: Input on Safety Culture Development (Pro-Safety-Culture-House, Bradley Curve)
  • Safety Business Game - Year 2+3
  • Discussion of the Results and Learning Potentials
  • Conclusion and Feedback

Background and Implementation

In the business game, participants are asked to take over the role of the management team of a plant with a variety of health and safety problems. The aim is to improve the neglected situation with regard to occupational health and safety and to reduce the number of accidents in the long term. The participants are divided into 3-4 teams of 2-4 people each. First, each Group develop a rough concept for their planned approach based on initial information.

Pro-Safety Game

After the presentation of the individual basic concepts, the teams receive further information, including accident statistics and a package of possible measures. The measures are already quantified with personnel and financial resource requirements. The task now is to draw up a corresponding action plan based on the budget specifications and to repeatedly adapt and implement it over three rounds. As in reality, however, the actions of management teams can be influenced by events of all kinds. Even well-intentioned cultural measures can also turn out to be misleading and have different effects depending on when and how they are implemented.

The business game is played over three rounds and then evaluated in a plenary session. Learning potentials and transfer measures are discussed.

Pro-Safety Game

„It was a great day that we were able to experience as a management team during the business game with you. I had a lot of fun and at the same time I learned something new and positive, even though I thought I was well positioned in terms of occupational safety.“

Karl Eismann, Director Operations Private Label, Deutsches Milchkontor


  • Participants understand the dynamics, stumbling blocks and systematic development of a safety culture
  • Understanding of the crucial role of managers and safety experts in occupational safety is promoted
  • Participants experience the full range of possible measures for developing occupational safety in their teams
  • (Optional) Personal implementation measure leads to immediate improvement of occupational safety in daily work routine
  • Business game is suitable as a turbo boost for the safety awareness of further cultural development measures, e.g. behavior-based safety
  • Business game highlights the strategic optimization potential in the company's own occupational safety system in order to tackle future improvement measures

Implementation as a Training Method

  • As an in-house measure: min. 8 and max. 20 participants, now also possible as a team event with max. 30 participants
  • As further training for Safety Specialists as an online event via Microsoft Teams: min. 6 and max. 12 participants, Certificate of participation possible