Systematically promoting Safety Awareness

How can occupational safety contribute to a holistic management culture? How can the safety awareness of employees be positively influenced? How can managers at all levels and the safety organization together position a statement for safe practices?

The Pro-Safety-Dialog (Pro-Safety-Talk) is the answer to these and many other questions. The Pro-Safety-Dialog is the best possible introduction of behavior- based safety (BBS) and it means a reversal of the usual approach - the aim is to take occupational safety out of the " complaining corner" and use it for positive, motivating communication. Unfortunately, in everyday practice, occupational safety is usually spoken about when something has happened or when an unsafe situation or unsafe behavior has been spontaneously observed. As a result, occupational safety often has a negative character in everyday working life in Central Europe. With the Pro-Safety-Dialog, the focus is placed on reinforcing safe behavior and thus shaping occupational safety in a positive way. Of course, unsafe situations/behavior will and must continue to be addressed.

Pro-Safety-Dialog - Procedure

„I am thrilled. It's settled in very well here. It's a very nice mix of occupational safety, appreciation and communication coaching. I'm looking forward to continuing to take part and observing further developments.“

Jakob Arnold – Plant Manager AGCO/Fendt Marktoberdorf

The Pro-Safety-Dialog is usually supplemented with the Pro-Safety-Check, in which an open and transparent observation of the employee during normal work takes place in advance of the dialog section.

The observation is followed by a structured feedback process, the Pro-Safety- Dialog, with the aim of

  • to reinforce safe actions
  • to improve unsafe situations
  • to discuss unsafe actions in a dialog between equals
  • to close with an agreement on safe working practices

The participants (ideally all management levels plus the safety organization with health and safety officers) understand how to authentically express an appreciation, how to win employees with positive experiences for occupational health & safety and how to conduct the entire Pro-Safety-Dialog with 5 steps in a targeted manner.

The systematic approach with the Pro-Safety-Check and Pro-Safety-Dialog leads to a lasting change in the attitude towards occupational safety and consequently to employees' safety behavior.

An intensive training and coaching series with practical exercises from and in the working environment enables those involved to implement the process at a high level of quality.

What else there is to say about the Pro-Safety-Dialog:

Pro-Safety-Dialog - Conclusion